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Bloody Hands

Hiya! Sorry haven't posting for awhile. A little busy here. I was making a story on my own. Will you guys give me some of you're feedback? It will really help.



Why, hello, I'm sorry for not  posting soon enough. Alot of stuff to do.

How are you guys? Well, for me I'm fine.


1. I already have a new account on FanFiction. I deleted the first one due to personal reasons.

2. I have two stories. All Vampire Academy category.

3. First one, is Drop Of Blood. It's a series.

4. Second is, Sunset. This one is a series of one-shots.

5. Watch out, for The Strigoi's Life: Dimitri's Story. The title explains it all!! 

I'll keep you updated. Please give me some of you're comments.

Icons or whatever.

Hello. I dont want to delay this anymore. I'm trying myself at icons or  whatever you call them. Please check and give me you're feedback.

VA-Wallpapers-vampire-academy-66460.jpg Blood Promise V picture by evermorerose
vampire_academy-1.jpg VA picture by evermorerose

Happy New Year!!

First of all, I want to greet you all a:  Happy New Year!!

I know, I know in America it's still not New Year, but here in the Philippines we already celebrated it, with of course A BIG BLAST!!! The fireworks were amazing oh, and the fountain!! You have to see the fountain!! It was just PERFECT!! 

But! Yes, there's a but, many people still died becuase of the fireworks and many more. So give them you're prayers. Some people lost some of their parts in the body becuase of the explosion. So yeah, you need to give them you're prayers.

We ate Mede Noche (or like New Year's Eve), my siblings ate the pig, but I didn't to much calories. (It's my new year's resolution. Ssh!!)

So: Happy New Year EVERYONE!! (I really mean it)

I'm gonna go now since my mother wants me to lead the opening prayer for a new year!!


Song For Christmas

Hi!! I am so sorry that I haven't updated for 3 WEEKS! I was just so busy at school and alot of projects. But I'm here now, aren't you happy? By the way it's alomost CHRISTMAS!! I am so happy. So yeah, I made a song. A sad song about Christmas. I  hope you like it. Me and my band writed it. Yes, I have a band, and I'm the vocalist. We are hoping to sing it at the party that my friend has. Here it is:

Look Out:

The air is cold, and you're not here. Looking at the lights that the christmas tree has, feeling the sadness.

I look at my window, gifts are being given. People wearing jackets. Kids smiling like nothing wrong.

The room is cold, feel my breath.

For look out, the Christmas has come, and you're not here.

I feel the metal of the necklace that you gave. I've been waiting so long.
I feel alone. Why not here. You promised.
Look out, the Christmas has come. Why not here?

Feel my cold hand. No one ringing the door bell saying happy words.

Why can't  you take me away? My breath gone. The floor is shaking.

Look out, the Christmas has come. Not here, you are.
My eyes filled with tears. One tear escaped. Why can't you?

The happiness not reaching me. All sadness.

If you just knew what I'll give up.

Forget the rules. Come run.

Look out, the Christmas has come. Why not here?

Feel my cold hand. No one ringing the door bell saying happy words.

Feel my words sink. 

Look out, Look out. Oh, Yeah. Chirstmas has come.

Just look out. The time has come. Christmas is here.

So? Do you like it or not? Please give me some feedback. We really worked hard for it.



Fashion Polyvore And The Things NOT To Do

Hiya People!!! Have you ever heard Polyvore? Are you a fashionable type person? Well thne COME to Polyvore!! Here's my link if you just want to see my sets: www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile

And I'll give you some here too.


Taylor Swift

wait 2 secs to reload the image

Kristen Stewart

wait 2 secs to reload the image

Do you guys like it?! Please add me as you're friend in Polyvore, it will really mean ALOT! So here's the THONGS I MEAN THINGS NOT TO DO. Hope you like it!!

Things NOT To Do When Having Math Test Or Should I Say "The Test Of DOOM!"

1. Sleep in front of you're test because of boredom. It can happen you know.

2. Do NOT tell you're Mom that you're having a hard time in you're Math test. Because she will just brag and not help you in you're Math test.

3. Do not said "Yo! I hate this Math Test." in front of you're teacher because that will mean sudden DEATH. Or should I say an F?

4. Do not watch T.V. when you're studying because the show that you're watching will be stuck in you're head instead of the formulas.

5. After the Math Test. Do not say "It's finally over." Say " I HATE THAT STUPID MATH TEST!". Don't worry no one can hear you. Even if they did they'll agree.

So..? Hope YOU like it!! Because I find it VERY funny!!


Writer's Block: Twilight becomes you

Have you seen New Moon? If so, how do you think it compared to the book? Was it better or worse than Twilight? Please, no spoilers!

Yes. I did see New Moon, and I got to say that it was PERFECT!!. Well the book has alot more explaining to do about the Volturi than the movie. It's better than Twilght. I like how Bella (Kristen Stewart) wanted to be an imoortal. And New Moon is a little funny than Twilght. But in the movie, it left us on a BIG cliff hanger. I was beyond pissed at the ending. But the book is better than the movie, because it really tells you what Bella (Kristen Stewart) is thinking. But in anyways I LOVE THE MOVIE AND THE BOOK!




Sorry to make the first word so HARSH. It's just that I hate that FREAKING MATH TEST!! I know that I'm like a genius freak but hey! Some geeks also fail you know! You know what I got. I got a B-. Can you believe it?! Well I can't. And hell I am going to stop!! It's just frustrating. The formulas, the solutions and the freaking answers!! I know some people think that B- is high enough. But for me it isn't!! What have I done wrong?! I HATE BEING A GEEK PERIOD!!. What in the world have I done wrong?! I mean I always go to church. By the way, if you haven't known I'm a catholic. I always study at home. I made sure that I'm completely done studying before reading Wuthering Heights (I love that book!!). So yeah. I am going to make a list to do and not to do. Okay, Okay. I now that I'm overacting about that damn Math test. But hey!!! can you blame me?! Join forces woth me here people. So here's the list. To the geeks out there who have a B- in Math test you can copy this to you're journal.

Things To Do For Studying Math Test:

1. Always have a paper filled with formulas for the test. Read it in you're house, don't throw it. Bring it to school so you can have a guide during you're Math Test. ( I'm so MEAN!!)

2. Make sure to have ALOT of correction tape or eraser in you're pencil case.

3. Make sure to study at night AND NOT READING Romeo and Juliet, Pride And Prejudice, The Trial or Wuthering Heights (I'm a big fan of the classics).

4. Do NOT read Dracula- I love Vampires for the record- Because it will be stuck in you're head before, in and after the test! Trust me on this.

5. Make sure to have a refilled ballpen or a sharp pencil. You do not waht to have a crisis when you're already having the test of DOOM!!

I'll post the Things Not To Do For Studying Math Test probably tommorow. NO PROMISISES!! Hope you find it useful and funny!!! Love Ya!



Wow! Three weeks is a long time is it? Sorry if I haven't posted awhile. Again. But I was extremely busy!! I went to Netherlands and went to America again. I was absent for a WHOLE WEEK! So I needed to catch up! So yeah I AM SO SORRY!!

Okay! Next topic!! My grandmother went to the middle east! And you know what my grandmother buyed me a golden bracelet. It was 12K GOLD!! an you believe it! Sorry if I don't have the picture, but my camera was broken!! So yeah that's all. Please don't get mad at me for not posting!!


I watched the Phantom Of The Opera!

Okay by the subject you know what I'm going to talk about. The Phantom Of The Opera was AWESOME! The one who played Chritine Daae's was beautiful, the one who played Erik was a good artist and Raoul. It was WOW! I cried after that. Can you believe it I can't believe Erik died. My heart broke after the show it was VERY heart-breaking. So yeah I am crying right now..So comments. If you ever go to some Broadway musical what so ever. Pick this ONE! 


P.S. Care to give me some comments to where I should visit here in London? It will be really helpful. Thanks!